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Sage Cigarettes Magazine


When I was a young one, all I wanted was to feel alive. I made some mistakes in pursuit of that goal, but I don't have any regrets. I used to smoke herbal cigarettes with no filter, so that the butt would burn my fingertips and my lips when it got low. No matter how hot to the touch it glowed, I would pull until there was nothing left. The red marks on my bottom lip reminded me that no matter how hard my bones dance to the songs of every day mundanity, waxing and waning mental health, and my urge to be great -- I am alive.

I still crave the feeling...

The closest I've gotten to recreating that in another way is by giving life to creations of my own. Art is such a pure form of expression, and can tap into the hearts of many, connecting us all by the arteries. When voices are silenced by oppression, or depression, self-doubt, or physical disability, writing becomes one that is even louder.

- Stef Nuñez


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Sage Cigarettes™ doesn't only strive to be an online publication. This is a safe space. A place to come together and learn from one another. A place to heal, to accept, to move forward. This is a fellowship for witches, a haven for the lgbtq+, a home base for marginalized peoples. This is a place to celebrate our differences, and coalesce on the things that we have in common.

Freedom of speech is a right that we will fight to defend until the death of the written word. HOWEVER, please note that hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated here. No racism, no misogyny, no fascism, no sexism, NO HATE. 

Anyone who violates this trust has no home here. 


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